Cures & Remedies For
Industrial Tinnitus?

Those unfortunate to suffer from tinnitus know only too well how much it can impact upon day to day life and it is understandable that they will try anything to help alleviate the problem. Click read more to find out about the latest devices to help with Tinnitus.


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Are there any remedies or cures for tinnitus?

Sadly the short answer is that there is not a cure for Tinnitus, but there are now many products and treatments available which can help to lessen the symptoms, and in some cases eradicate the issue entirely.

Tinnitus is the term used for hearing sounds that are created by your body, rather than coming from an outside source. The most common description is of a ‘ringing in the ears’ but it can also take the form of buzzing, humming, grinding, hissing or whistling. Some people hear sounds similar to music and others hear noises that beat in time with their pulse (pulsatile tinnitus). Tinnitus often coincides with deterioration in your hearing, yet sometimes brings additional sensitivity to everyday sounds (hyperacusis).

What was the cause of your Tinnitus?

Many people experience short periods of tinnitus when they have been exposed to load noises such as after a music concert or night-club. Some people unfortunately suffer from tinnitus all or most of the time; in one or both ears. This can be caused by:

  • Inner ear damage caused by repeated exposure to loud noise
  • An earwax build-up
  • A middle ear infection
  • Ménière’s disease – a condition which also causes vertigo
  • Ways of you can alleviate Tinnitus

    Sound therapy – listening to neutral sounds to distract you from the sound of tinnitus. This can include white noise therapy

    Counselling - therapy that aims to educate you about tinnitus and help you learn to cope with it more effectively

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – therapy that aims to help the way you think about your tinnitus so it becomes less noticeable

    Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) – therapy that aims to help retrain the way your brain responds to tinnitus so you start to tune the sound out and become less aware of it

    Diet – some studies show that reducing caffeine, salt intake and smoking can all help to alleviate tinnitus. Ginkgo Biloba is rumoured to be affective, but studies have not backed this up.

    The Acoustic Coordinated Reset Neuromodulation device

    Research is currently underway using a machine created by Professor Peter Tass from the Jülich research Institute near Cologne, Germany. The device is a neuromodulator which can be finely tuned to deliver sounds that match the frequency of the internal noises, essentially drowning them out. Some cases have pronounced great success, others less markedly so, but progress is being made.

    Was your tinnitus caused by work?

    If you suffer from tinnitus and you believe that it was brought on by repeated exposure to loud noise during your employment, you should contact one of our solicitors who will be able to advise you on the next steps to take, and whether or not you are entitled to make a claim.

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